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Enhancing Summer Curb Appeal: Renovations You Love That Maximize Value

Summer brings a vibe that is felt not only in our moods and lifestyle but also in the details of our homes. Your home's first impression impacts a potential buyer's perception before they even step inside. We call this curb appeal and improving the curb appeal of your home is one of the top renovations you can make to sell faster and for more. So, how can we enhance our summer time curb appeal through innovative renovations?

Lush Landscaping:

Brick home with curb appeal

The most effective way to enhance curb appeal during summer is through lush, colorful landscaping. Incorporation of blooming flowers, manicured hedges, and adding potted plants by the doorstep creates a pleasing visual mix to catch the viewer's eye. Whether this is done by hired professionals or DIY, good landscaping is paramount for summer-ready curb appeal.

Fresh Coat of Paint:

A fresh coat of paint can provide an instant facelift to your exterior. Consider choosing colors that compliment the sunny weather such as off-whites, soft blues, or warm earth tones. If completely repainting the exterior is off the list, try refreshing front doors, shutters or window frames for the much-needed pop of color.

Defined Pathways and Driveways:

Brick home with curb appeal

Create a inviting entry by improving your pathway or driveway. Consider resurfacing if it's showing signs of wear but power washing or edging the driveways with flowers or solar lights could also do the trick.

Outdoor Living Spaces:

Highlight outdoor living spaces by setting up patio furniture or outdoor kitchens. Aim for a design that welcomes outdoor gatherings and invites relaxation and comfort at the same time.

Upgrade Lighting Fixtures:

Though summer days are longer, good lighting helps elevate an outdoor space even in broad daylight. Update the exterior lights, add landscape lighting or introduce string lights to create a welcoming glow around your home.

High Impact Exterior Details:

Consider surprise elements like adding window boxes, a new mailbox, house number upgrade or walkway lining with lanterns and plants. Small exterior modifications like these can make your space stand out with renewed grandeur.

Boosting your home's curb appeal in the summer is a fruitful investment that promises significant returns. Not only does it add to your property's value, but it also helps create a

welcoming ambiance that potential buyers love. Get creative with these timely renovations to maximize your home's summer curb appeal!

And do remember, no guide fits all. When planning renovations, reach out to us for a complimentary consultation and some contractor recommendations to add to your list as you explore possibilities!


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