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Five Key Strategies to Build Your Home's Value

Owning a home is a major investment and - we always hope - a place full of laughter, comfort and joy for you and your family. Spring inspires so many of us to do a new project! 

Given that a home is the most significant asset for many, it’s helpful to plan for projects and improvements that enhance and maximize your home’s value. Whether you plan to sell in the near future or after retirement, here are seven key strategies that can help you build your home's value. 

We’re happy to come by and visit with you about your plans.  Add our voice to that of your contractor, architect and other professionals.  It’s often possible to achieve exactly what you want, while also adding value. 

Enhance your Curb Appeal: The first impression is priceless in so many ways. It welcomes you home each day.  It’s the first greeting your visitors receive.  Potential buyers often make quick judgments about a home from their car (or their phone screen). 

AI generated view of a home that followed the techniques in this paragraph

Beautiful landscaping, fresh exterior paint, a sturdy and stylish front door, and up-to-date hardware can all make a significant impact.  Consider adding a wreath to your front door, comfortable Adirondack chairs to your porch, a small table for coffee or evening beverages and decorative flower pots (that you may take with you when you move). Keep your yard trimmed and edged, and if your home is on the market, consider overseeding the front yard with a winter rye, that will be green and pretty through the colder months.  

Focus on rooms where you spend the most time:  Kitchens, primary bedrooms and bathrooms often offer the highest return on investment when it comes to renovations. Modern, updated kitchens are top on the list of features home buyers seek. Similarly, updated and light bathrooms are popular with prospective buyers.  Even relatively minor updates like replacing tiles, fixtures, or cabinetry can add value. Fresh current paint colors are fun and fairly easy as well.

AI generated view of a home that followed the techniques in this paragraph

Add Square Footage or an Outdoor Living Area:  In recent years, with more people working from home and gathering with family more often, the addition of rooms or expanding existing spaces can significantly increase your home's value. Explore options such as building a home office, adding a sunroom, or increasing the size of your kitchen or primary bedroom suite. Be sure that your addition meets all requirements necessary for an appraiser to count the square footage in their measurement. Adding an outdoor living area often adds to your value as well!  

Energy Efficiency:  In today's environmentally-conscious market, "green" improvements can increase home value. Consider installing extra insulation in your attic and smart-home technology such as programmable thermostats. These can help reduce energy consumption and appeal to energy-conscious buyers. 

We’re happy to consult with you before you consider replacing windows or adding solar panels.  While many people believe these will help your home’s value, they typically are not improvements that will pay for themselves in this current market.  

Regular Maintenance: Preventive maintenance doesn’t just save you from costly future repairs - it also shows potential buyers that the property has been well maintained.  

Keep up with regular maintenance tasks like having your roof checked after a major storm, maintaining HVAC systems, and fixing any electrical issues. Be sure to water your foundation regularly and remove any bushes with deep root systems that are planted close to your home. Have your foundation checked by a reputable company (we’re happy to send recommendations), every two to three years.  Making small adjustments regularly is much more cost efficient than a major repair, and the small adjustments minimize the chance for plumbing leaks. 

Remember … every home and market is unique. What adds the most value in one neighborhood might not in another. 

We offer complimentary consultations and contractor recommendations for clients who are preparing to sell their home as well as clients who are considering room additions, renovations and repairs! When you decide to make a move, we want you to be happy with your home’s value!   Call or text Ruth at 817-992-9232 to set up your consultation today! 


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